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Tour to the monasteries of Armenia. Garni-Gegard

On the road to Gegard - at one of the mountain passes, on the straight road is Charents Arch from which opens a beautiful views of the Ararat valley with soaring away Mount Ararat (Masis). On the arc of arch Charents there are following words: "Take the whole world - there are no white and beautyful mountains equal Ararat. Visit to the Monastery of Geghard (XIII century). Geghard is included in the UNESCO World Heritage list.

The name of Geghard monastery complex comes from the Longinus spear, that pierced the body of Jesus Christ on the Cross. Now that spear put in the treasury of Echmiadzin.
Most people who come to Geghard also choose to visit the nearby temple of Garni (in it's design it is similar to the Parthenon), located downstream of the Azat River.

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